First of all I'll admit up front I've known Dan for over 25 years.  Thanks to him, myself, and others you have the right to purchase "organic" products.  Not so long ago the state of Wisconsin wouldn't allow organic labeling, we fought for this because it was the right thing to do. 

  In selecting a replacement for Obey, a career politician, we need to consider whether we want to continue with lobbyist controlled career politicians or someone who isn't afraid to step on toes to get the job done.  Yes Dan is outspoken and doesn't fit in the world of political correctness.   But we have seen the results of those who pander to that crowd.  Even now the very locally grown organic food supply is being threatened yet again, Obey voted for HR 2749 and later denied it, Kohl and Feingold are poised to support S510 now before the senate which will end local production for the benefit of the big corporate interests.  This means a continued loss of your freedom to choose what foods you eat, along with so many other lost choices (rights) we have endured at the hands of party players. 

  We can no longer afford party lines and political correctness, we must look for people who stand on principle and act for the benefit of the people because itís the right thing to do.  I know Dan Mielke will act in such manner.


Paul M. Griepentrog

Park Falls, WI




Thank you for responding so quickly. Usually I expect a copy/paste response from an office intern. I am very impressed with your stances on these issues. For the most part, I agree with a lot of what you believe in. I know I'll never be in 100% agreement with any politician, but you're high up there, and that counts for something.

Thanks again!