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This page deals with the differences between 
Sean Duffy and Dan Mielke 


Please view this video from Sean's recent past.



Sean and Rachel starred in this  Pro Gay Wedding video produced by Gay activist, Norm Korpi, 

which was released in 2003, while Sean was serving as a District Attorney in Ashland, WI.


In the first video Sean Duffy  says abortion is "not going to be an issue addressed by Congress."

Dan Mielke is strongly Pro Life and believes it is the responsibility of  Congress 
to protect the life of every person, including the unborn. To say, "it won't be an issue addressed
by Congress," is sidestepping one's responsibility.

Dan Mielke also believes that states do NOT have the right to vote to kill the unborn, 
the disabled, the elderly or any other group of people.  Dan says, "We live in a republic.  A republic 
does not allow the majority to take away the rights and freedoms from the minority. The 
right to life is guaranteed to every person by the Constitution."

Dan Mielke  believes that the courts should not legislate from the bench on abortion
or any other issue. "When the courts legislate from the bench, it is the obligation of Congress to 
use their legislative powers to bring clarity to the law, so that its original intent is carried out."


According to the first video, Sean Duffy believes in civil unions for homosexual couples.

Dan will defend the rights and freedoms of every person,  but, 
he does not support special treatment for homosexuals based on their 
sexual preferences.   He is opposed to civil unions.  

Dan says,  "Sean's support for civil unions sets precedents that would carry us 
down a very dangerous road.  What would be the next step in this process?  What 
about polygamy, bigamy, sadism, pedophiles, man boy, etc?  Where would this end?"


Mr. Duffy and I seem to have differences in what we see as right and wrong.  

 I am concerned about the moral decay happening in our nation.  Sean and his wife both stated recently that they have no regrets about their MTV Real World past. I find his lack of remorse regarding his time on this TV show. (The MTV Real World Series is known for its promotion of a lifestyle that goes directly against sound moral guidelines.)  I believe that these types of shows have been responsible for a lot of the problems our young people are facing today.  As young people these natural cravings and drives become a dangerous struggle.  Premarital sex, sexual abuse, abortion, single mothers, & alcoholism, are what happens when we leave our carnal desires unchecked. When this happens all of society has to pay the price.   I believe pornography, the wild party life, free open sex, the promotion of alternative lifestyles, should not be condoned or promoted.  I understand that these are natural desires, but they are desires to be resisted, not embraced and promoted.   I am grateful that those I looked up to had a strong understanding of right and wrong.  I shudder to think what might have happened to me had I been left with the idea that it is ok to indulge in these carnal urges.  Cub scouts, Boy scouts, 4H, were all there to help guide us through those tough times.  To this day I still remember the strong draw that Pornography had on us young men when we were going thorough Puberty.  Due to proper guidance most of us were helped through these tough times.  But some did not do so well and they are still paying the price today.   As a minister I have had to deal with many where these struggles turned into addictions that torment their lives to this day.  My personal struggles with pornography as a young man have helped me help others.  As young people we were given the tools necessary to deal with and resist these temptations; tools that we still use today. 

Wisdom teaches us that the best way to stop abortion is to resist doing that which leads to unwanted pregnancies.  The best way to stop sexual crimes is to not travel down the path that leads to sexual abuse.  The best way to avoid drunk driving is to educate our young people that heavy drinking and the party life are not acceptable norms.

Mr. Duffy's apparent lack of regret for his wild and free spirited actions on MTV REAL WORLD shows that he doesn't see things from the same perspective that I see them. 


Sean Duffy's campaign focuses on gaining support of the leadership in the party
to move his campaign ahead. 

Dan Mielke is opposed to such efforts.  Dan believes that the leadership should remain neutral prior to the primary, so as to let the voters decide which candidate they want.   Dan says  "I am strongly opposed to insider control.  It is too easy for special interest groups to control who is on the ballot when that choice is left up to a select few within the party.  Money and power corrupts.  The best way to avoid this is to leave candidate selection up to the voters."  

Dan also says, "One of the major problems in Congress is that Congressmen tend to give more attention to power players and lobbyists than they do to the people back home. This is why I refuse to go down such a path in the election process.  I want to serve the voters, not people of influence and power."



Sean Duffy supports the idea of an early endorsement prior to the primary.


Dan Mielke is opposed to an early endorsement from the party, when two or 
more candidates are running as Republicans.   Dan will seek endorsement 
from the leadership after the people have made their choice in the partisan primary.  
"I feel an early endorsement to promote one Republican candidate over another, 
prior to the primary, is discriminatory and detrimental to the political process. 
The primary was put in place to ensure that the voters are the one to choose 
their candidate."


Sean Duffy is an Attorney, his father is an attorney, his grandfather was an attorney and a judge, his brother is an attorney who ran for a political office as well but lost. Sean's uncle was a judge and an attorney as well.

Dan believes that attorneys serve a valuable and necessary part of our society.  But Dan 
also realizes that 43% of congress is already made up of attorneys. "There is a danger in 
having too many attorneys in Washington.  Sean was raised to think and reason like an 
attorney.  To insure a fair and impartial balance of thinking in the legislature we need 
representations from all walks of life .    Presently we are seeing the danger in too many 
attorneys in Washington.  The bills being voted on are confusing and legalistic in nature,
often leaving way too many legal loopholes and hidden agendas which come out after the 
bill has passed.  Bills need to be simple and clean without so much legalese in them.  This is
why our founding fathers were concerned about the harmful influence lawyers could have 
if they became too powerful in congress."



Rachel Campos (Duffy)  Sean's wife  was born in Tempe, Arizona.   Rachel Campos Duffy  graduated from Arizona State University in December 1993 with a degree in International Relations and a Woodrow Wilson Graduate Fellowship. At the time she planned to attend graduate school the following year, and to be a college professor.[5]

Wilson's idealistic internationalism, now referred to as "Wilsonianism", which calls for the United States to enter the world arena to fight for democracy, has been a contentious position in American foreign policy


Dan Mielke supports  a sustainable and autonomous nation.  Dan opposes the views that come out of Wilsonianism.  Dan believes strongly that the Constitution should not be done away with and that our nation should remain sovereign.  Dan is not in favor of a globalization of government.  Dan does not believe we should be the police of the world as is promoted by Wilsonianism and internationalism.


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Capt. Elizabeth Ortiz, of Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C., unexpectedly bumped into childhood friend, Rachel Campos at the White House's National Hispanic Heritage Month kick-off event. Both former Air Force brats, the women claim each other as their only childhood friend after having gone to school together from kindergarten through the fifth grade. Campos currently co-hosts "Speaking of Women's Health" with Florence Henderson on Saturday mornings on the Lifetime cable network. Photo by TSgt. Ivan Idrovo, USAF
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